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Brown Sugar, located on the Carre d’Or in the heart of Cannes. The bar is one of the well known go-to bars during the various Congresses held in Cannes throughout the year, popular with locals, ex-pats and a tourist hot spot during the summer months.

Brown Sugar is now under English management for its second year and has repositioned itself as an English bar & kitchen which follows food trends from the U.K. and Northern Europe rather than the traditional Mediterranean fare found on the French Riviera. A great selection of Beer and Wine, the bar is the first in Cannes to have Brewdog Punk IPA on tap, we have an English style Pale Ale locally-brewed as well as Belgium beer and traditional Lagers from Germany and France all on tap.

The Wine list is francocentric focusing on small independent growers, 80% of our Wines won’t be found anywhere else in Cannes, prices start from €25 per bottle. Brown Sugar has built up an enviable reputation for perfectly crafted Gins Come and visit us!

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