Mobile Websites, QR Codes & NFC Tags

Driving traffic to your website is an important part of your marketing strategy If they are looking at your site on a mobile devise then it needs to display correctly

Mobile Website

Mobile websitesEnsure your customers are viewing your site correctly

Mobile websites are fast becoming the most important sites on the web. Google and Microsoft have both made significant investments in mobile website platforms.

If you do not have a mobile site then you are loosing customers! They are arriving at your site displayed on a mobile devise and then just leaving when they can not view it properly.

Mobile websites are not that expensive to build. All the text and image assets on your existing site can be utilised with a bit of size adjustment.

Have a look at your site on your smart phone and see what your customer will see. Many large companies are making fundamental mistakes with mobile sites. Don't join them!

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QR Codes

QR Codes interact with your graphics Bring your brochure to life on-line

QR codes are the latest form of technology we’ve utilised to make our graphics interactive.

By scanning a QR code on one of our graphics, your customer can be connected to a website, receive a voucher or text, or even be directed to your Facebook or Twitter page. All they need is a scanning App on their phone and they’re ready to go and view your web page on the move.

QR codes are free to produce and we can show you how, just give us a call.

Additionally we offer our expertise to help you with the code generation and we can show you how to track the number of people scanning your graphics. We won’t charge you extra and we’re proud to say we’re currently the only graphic manufacturer able to offer this facility.
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NFC Tags

NFC - Near Field CommunicationEveryone will have a credit card on their phone soon

NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data between two enabled devices. NFC tags, like stickers or wristbands, contain small microchips with aerials in them which can store a small amount of information for transfer to another NFC device.

What information can you store? Well, there's a whole load of different data types you can store on an NFC tag. The actual amount of data varies depending on the type of tag used, as different tags have different memory capacities.

Our NFC tags are cleverly pre-programmed with a shortened tracking version of your web address. This means you can get to grips with your stats and can actually see how many people scan your NFC tags and what they click on. A powerful tool and simple to use
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